Girzinnuk is a volcanic wasteland of northern Gathrot. It is a product of the fallout from the volcano Gruggvein and shift of pressure and lava flows from Groarnfer. This latter volcano is 100 miles southeast of Gruggvein. Starting around 1660, a monumental effort was undertaken by an army of magmin. They were tasked with shifting the lava flows from Hakân to Girzinnuk. The magmin, the backbone of the workforce, were purposelessly brought to Bal-Kriav by one of the Dead Council.

The magmin and their dao overseers, worked for a over a century on the Groarnfer Plan. When they were done, most of the lava and pressure was re-directed from the volcano Groarnfer to Gruggvein. As a result of the shift, Girzinnuk grew in size and to keep the troublesome magmin busy, Dax had them redirect this lava northward into the sea and along undersea ridges in the direction of whatever landmass they could reach. This even greater task for the magmin came to be known as the Gruggvein Plan. Even to this day, the magmin continue to toil with this plan.

Girzinnuk is the abode of thousands of magmin. Most of their work is done underground or in areas along canals which are used to channel the lava spilling out of Gruggvein. The magmin are no friend to the undead hordes of Necrocrypt, they will attack them on sight unless a powerful undead lord is in the area to keep them in check.

Notable Areas