Míngiach Elf Toss

RegionTribe Steppes
AliasElf Toss

Míngiach are cliffs of Sava'loth that tower 400' to 700' over the Tendrils. The jara call this place Elf Toss; because of a favorite game of the jara. When they capture elves, the jara usually eat them, but sometimes they take the prisoners to these cliffs and toss them over the edge. A jara wins the game if they toss an elf the farthest over the edge. Sometimes, the jara "pin-cushion" the hapless elf as it flies out and over the ledge. These spectacles frequently turn into rowdy parties. During these times, the jara empty numerous kegs of Englas, and slaughter food, in the form of slaves, cattle, and any other beasts. It is thought that the jara got the idea of "elf tossing" from the murals of Devdine. In this ancient ruin, leftover from the Demon Spawn War, are imagery of demons catapulting halfling prisoners into lake Monwuil with rocks strapped to their backs.