Badan is a lowland temperate forest of central Narbuzad. In the First Epoch, the orcs and kobolds of this area and those in the coastal plateaus of Dûn slowed Phlehorn's eastern expansion. The humanoids of this area were constantly warring with each other and with their dwarven neighbors. By the start of the Second Epoch, Grimmarsveinn and Phlehorn had pacified the area. When Phlehorn fell, the area returned to lawlessness. Grimmarsveinn sometimes sends expeditions into the area to train their troops or to destroy any permanent fortifications within 20 miles of their borders.

Badan covers part of the Iragandul hills. In the forested parts are many active and dead mines with hundreds of miles of tunnels. Many of these tunnels are linked with those in the flat areas between the forest hills and Gandal. The kobolds, orcs, and dwarves have fought in these tunnels and their labyrinths for hundreds of years. This tunnel network is vast, covering many levels and linked to the Underdark. As a result, no accurate maps exist for this area.