Badan is a lowland temperate forest of central Narbuzad. In the First Epoch, Orc and Kobold tribes of this forest to the coastal plateaus of Dûn slowed Phlehorn's (92 - 1080) western expansion. By the start of the Second Epoch, supplied from the coasts by the Grimmarsveinn (639 - ), rangers out of Phlehorn had largely pacified the area. Lasting for eight decades, it was a peace not seen since the time of the world's creation. When Phlehorn fell in 1080, the area's humanoids returned to its old habits of raiding, plundering, and general lawlessness.

The southeastern tracts of this area merge with the mine-pocked hills of Iragandul. Many of these old mines are concealed by heavy growth and dead-falls, hiding a vast network of tunnels and old miner's living areas. Those left to the wild, are the homes of bandits, rebels, and the area's long-time inhabitants, the kobolds and orcs.