Psychic Storms

Typepsionic lore

Psychic Storms come about from the psychic deaths of many people in the same area. The psychic energy released from these deaths is then amplified through psionic powers. This is not done by one psionicists but dozens or even hundreds acting in concert. The psychic storm then rolls across the landscape, attracted to concentrations of sentient creatures. This usually means that the psionicists that produced are the first to perish or suffer badly from it.

The first time a psychic storm was produced was during the Incarsabec Rebellion. In this civil war, the slaves of Suellk produced these psychic storms in last ditch efforts to slay their slave masters. The slaves more often than not died right alongside of them as the storm grew ever more powerful from those dying in it.

A psychic storm is to be used in the last resort, when you are willing to die for the cause, wrack the lands with nightmares, and wipe out all sentient life. The effects are rapid, with confusion, loss of psychic energy, and then the draining of your memories until you are a simpleton that has forgotten everything that you have ever learned, and over the next few hours your intelligence slips away until your nothing more than a vegetable.

- Invalak, Head Metapsionic Instructor of the Thought Trust - "Psychic Storms of GhĂ­fthauk"

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