Mummy Lord

Mummy Lord

A mummy lord is a higher quality mummy. Imbued with dark arts, and unlike their lesser namesake, keep their intelligence when giving up their life energy for the dark cold negative energy that powers the Undead.

Most mummy lords have a horrifying appearance, enough to paralyze the weak-willed, and drive off the stronger. In the Cinazan Region, mummy lords are different. Blessed by Set, those of the Pharzîmrâth are charismatic and sinister in their appearances.

Notable Mummy Lords
NameTurned UndeadAffiliation
Imruk11 Witchrite 1384Khazarkar Empire
Neetch Neetch Institute
Phêrî27 Hollow 1758Khazarkar Empire
Rônal16 Bliss 1271Khazarkar Empire
Threllkell Black Forge Keep, Helmstoy
Vargonivus16 Bliss 1779