Typeprestige class

Murker is a prestige class open to Shades who are or were a member of the guild Aldassinen.

Murker Prestige Class
1stShadowy LightFunctions as a light spell, except where light, there is a place of shadows. The effect lasts 7 rounds.
2ndShadow ConcealmentBy changing the light around the Murker, he/she gains a +20% to Hiding. The effect lasts 1 turn.
3rdShadow WalkThe Murker can teleport from one shadow to another within sight, one time per day per Murker level
4thTurn ShadowsThe Murker can command or destroy [depending on alignment] a creature native to Demiplane of Shadows. See the Priest tables for chance to turn, using the Murk current level + their wisdom modifier.
5thShadow SorceryDrawing on a Shade Farm, the Murker can cast any mage spell that has shadows as one of its properties. This spell must be learned by the Murk as a mage would study a spell. At the Aldassinen headquarters, all such spells are available for purchase.