The Piamauza was a tribe of Tragarans that lived in the area of Messu-Nora. In 12 HE, with the help of hags or other beguiling creatures, they were duped into travelling to the faraway world of Nessus. On this world of the Hells System, they were rounded up by devils, sent to serve Asmodeus. The tribe's males were either dispatched or sent into servitude. The females became Asmodeus's concubines. It is said his seed was spread among all the females, with all giving birth to creatures that now had a devil heritage. They remained on Nessus for five centuries where they were indoctrinated into the ways of the devils. Asmodeus then sent them back to Bal-Kriav where they were tasked with spreading his gospel, and carrying out his machinations. These descendants became known as the Piamauza race.

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