Razzirs Choker

ForgeSyndic Artifice

While still a Syndic of the Council of Nine, Razzir's crafted this necklace at the Syndic Artifice.

One part of the necklace is made from a null mine fragment. Another interesting component is the dust of Razzir's lab assistant; withered to dust while exploring Enmort. The necklace has a adamantine clasp holding a magically miniaturized vrock claw. Legend has this was the first vrock, of dozens, that Razzir killed during the secret rebuilding of Bana-Zîr.

When Black Banner raided Bana-Zîr they made off with this necklace along with much other booty. Lost in the Artery War, Katrana's inventory records say that it was in one of the vaults beneath Rancor Summit, last seen in 1554 during the sacking of Ugidreth.

Pierce the Web cast a gate spell1/day
Summon Minions summon monster VI1/day
Summon Soldiers summon monster VII1/day
Summon Captains summon monster VIII1/week
Enmorts Decay as disintegrate2/day
Syndicates Mark all attacks are treated as if they have the Law descriptorcontinuous
Null Mine Residue -2 on saves vs spells cast by chaotically aligned creaturescontinuous