Typebastard sword, unique
LocationNiras Reev'f

Synapses is a very old weapon, forged in the Horgon Era by a martial illithid of Penumbra. It was an illegal fabrication of the time, one using pure psychic energy shaped into the likeness of a sword and giving sentience from a bound and trapped soul. Pure psionic weaponry were feared by the illithid non-warrior types, particularly since these were the types that have long held the power in Suellk's government. After it was made, its maker T'gauld had it smuggled out of the city and sent off-world. The ship carrying the contraband was never seen or heard of again by the illithids.

Synapses ended up in the hold of alien ship beneath the void fortress Citho-Cûr. Beneath this keep, and in the heart of the asteroid was an ancient craft of alien origin. This craft was never discovered by those that built a fortress above it. In the Third Epoch, Crimson Eye came to Citho-Cûr and cleared the place of a danger that had come up from the alien craft and wiped out the entire hold. Crimson Eye plundered the treasures of the craft, looted munitions and voidships from Citho-Cûr and made off with the weapon Synapses. Having gone insane over countless centuries of imprisonment, this sentient weapon was initially useless to its owner. Niras F'veer used psychic surgery to return sanity to the item and took command of a weapon that had never seen combat.

Synapses is composed entirely of psychic energy, so it is treated as a psionic entity. It can be attacked psionically, though with a Will of 25 it is a mentally strong defender. Since it has no material form it is immune to most magical and physical attacks. The enchantment of the item is the wielder's full PSP pool divided by 20 to a maximum of +6.

Alignmentlawful evil
Dancingas Dancing property, attacking once per round as if being wielded by its owner3 PSP/round
Wounding AttackSynapses has the feat Wounding Attack which applies only to attacks made with itexpend psionic focus
PSP Reservoir100 PSP, recharges 5/turncontinuous
Shared PoolSynapses and wielder can share PSP at the rate of 1:2; one has to expend 2 PSPs to give the other 1 PSPcontinuous
Body Equilibriumas psionic power Body Equilibrium3 PSP
Cloud Mindas psionic power Cloud Mind, Synapses will normally use this power against potential enemies before letting the wielder use it3 PSP
Dispelling Bufferas psionic power Dispelling Buffer11 PSP
Escape Detectionas psionic power Escape Detection5 PSP
Thrice Augumented Energy Stunas psionic power Energy Stun augmented by 3 power points 6 PSP
Doubled Intellect Fortressas psionic power Intellect Fortress augmented by 2 power points 9 PSP