Dy'tzor Goulmor

SponsorToomrur Hegemony
Symbollighting bolt splintering into five bolts
Established31 Kindle 1154

During the Toomrur's long migration from the western tracts of the Aerie of Dragons to Thingrorn, they came across a number of ancient battlefields dating to the Demon Spawn War. In one of these, it is said they found an ancient tome, unharmed by time and weather, and in it was a lost art of magic called Arcane Pooling.

Dy'tzor Goulmor is the only school that teaches Arcane Pooling. This ancient form of magic was created by a Covenant General by the name of Arcana, the same that is a Higher Power today. Research on Arcane Pooling was stopped when Arcana learned of the higher incidence of producing wild surges and degrading an area's connection to the Web of Magic.

And we thought they were just ogres. We had heard of Toomrur battle prowess, but a platoon of ogre arcanists slinging fireballs, ice storms, and other destructive magic is something to fear. They don't just burn out after a few casts, they can hurl bolts of lighting and balls of fire until their arcane pool is expended - and by chance a weave spider appears in their midst, to punish the destroyer of the Web, the hapless victim will bellow out to his comrades - "Witness Arcana's Wrath!", and those around him will themselves scream "Witness!"

- Gethorlarg, soldier of the Fograth - "Toomrur Battle Mages"

Even though the school does not allow proselytizing, most that come out of this place are Arcana enthusiasts, on the path or seriously considering being a worshiper.

The current headmaster of this school is the ghost Zaris. When she came to the school, she was well versed in Arcane Pooling, having learned it from the lich Drog'paagol. Under her guidance, the school has become disciplined and enrollment expanded to include peoples and groups who may be potential allies of the Toomrur Hegemony .