Vector KU-6

CategoryUnderdark Locales
RegionImgangreth, Sathubas

Vector KU-6 is part of a drain system built in the Lith-Crillion Era. The designers behind this were Ophudehk's aboleth. Like similarly named areas, Vector KU-6 was constructed as part of the Sathubas Waterworks Project. It was once a primary feeder in the plan to increase the water flowing between Imgangreth, a Tier 1 region, and Sathubas a Tier 2 region.

Vector KU-6 begins as a rivulet off the Cthorgo sea. Ten miles north, after five weirs, it drains downward through a series of shafts and along canals and locks. The complexity of all this was because of the proximity of the sea. The aboleth did not want to drain the sea, risking war with those above them. All of the drains that made-up the Sathubas Waterworks Project were built thus, spread far apart and seemingly doing no harm to those around. When they did impact the people above them, the aboleth went to great lengths, giving gold to those affected, and repairing the damage. A very long-lived race, in the thousands of years, the aboleth city-states first planned on swamping Sathubas. Once that was done, they would deal with those they in the past they had to placate out of necessity.

In Urgakh, Vector KU-6 and Vector KU-1 were responsible for the fall of Grar'toch. In the last days of fighting, the people that refused a life of servitude, were battling the aboleth and their minions in streets under a foot of water; water that had for decades been slowing creeping closer to the city's walls.

Its purpose fulfilled, Vector KU-6 is no longer maintained. It still functions, but at a much slower rate. It is clogged with debris and vegetation. Vines and fungal tendrils grow thick along water chutes and canals.

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