Vector KU-1

CategoryUnderdark Locales
RegionImgangreth, Sathubas

Vector KU-1 is one of the water siphons created by Sathubas's aboleth. Like many other similarly named areas of the region, it was designed to casually drain water from Imgangreth to the the Sathubas region beneath it. Built in the Lith-Crillion Era, water has widened many areas of this 2000' deep shaft. This turned old dumping sites for rubble into water-filled grottoes and parts that once ran slowly into great waterfalls.

Ophudehk no longer maintains the KU-1, letting water slowly chew away at the rock around it. In the First Epoch, Brogtrun erected a dam near the canal leading to the KU-1 shaft. As a result of treaties between Ophudehk and Brogtrun, the dam is only to be used to control the water flow and erosion.

KU-1 is a difficult climb for most creatures. The aboleth in the reaches below have no such difficulty. They scale it easily with their sinewy limbs, resting in the grottoes along the way. Once at the top, they head along the canal to the streams and rivers feeding the Cthorgo sea.

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