Hells Harbinger

Typelong sword
ForgeMaladomini Core

Hells Harbinger was made in the great forge Maladomini Core. For making weapons of Tantulhor, this forge is said to be the hottest and easiest to work this metal. Hells Harbinger was made early in the Lith-Crillion Era by Baalzebul. He had it forged as a gift to a weak-willed fire giant commander home to the world of Bal-Kriav. Baalzebul hoped that by way of the blade's sentience he could establish a following among the ranks of the Groi Heim army. The current state of affairs in Groi Heim with their Baalzebul proselytizers and cult means Hells Harbinger succeeded. The sentient blade established a foothold of diabolic influence in the army and with the help of other agents spread the tenets of Baalzebul. The blade also gave out a few names of devil underlings that could be called to service. One of these agents was an imp that carried with him the secret of adding the Hellfire property to magic items. It is through the sword's doing, by way of Baalzebul's agent, that enchanters of Bal-Kriav learned how to imbue magic items with the hellfire property.

Hells Harbinger is a +5 longsword crafted of tantulhor with a fiery red and blue wavy blade. The blade tip is shaped to look like the head of a pit viper. The tongue of this snake holds the tip of a wyvern's stinger. The hilt is shaped like an abishi baaetzu with wings outstretched. The pommel is inset with a retractable stiletto blade. When the hilt is twisted, this stiletto pops out.

Alignmentlawful evil
LanguagesDraconic, Giant, Infernal
Special PurposeSpread Undead
Personalitycold, remorseful
Tantulhor Edge +2 damage for being made of tantulhor continuous
Boundless Leap as the Jump spell 5/day
Hellfire Kiss as the Hellfire spell but with the attack focused only on the target hit3/day
Wyvern Sting as wyvern poison - Fortitude save (DC17) initial and secondary damage 2d6 constitution damage3/day
Siphon Life drain life energy from all creatures within a 30' diameter - Fortitude save (DC20) or suffer 1d8 hits points of which are added to the wielder as temporary hit points for 2 turns3/day