Elric of Melniboné
WhoBruce Quesenberry
CompanyParadomea Publishing LLC

The material for this site has been built over thirty years of playing Dungeons and Dragons. Some of the content on the site was built from the campaigns and the players I DM'd.

The genesis of Bal-Kriav started with a group of players called the League of Ten. At the time they were in the World of Greyhawk. After crossing through a magical device (a rift), they arrived in the city Paradomea and then went to the keep Black Forge. From there we started using Bal-Kriav as the campaign setting. Other parties that followed were Black Banner, Squad X7E, Golden Elite, Crimson Eye, and Trauma Squad.


Many of the images on this website come from somewhere on the Internet. If you find one used improperly, please send me an email and I will remove.

Sometimes, I write a story around the image, and sometimes as an approximation of what something might look like.

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