Baraglindu is a large lake of Miradelg√Ľn's southeastern tracts. Its shores are dotted with villages and towns of Toomrur of the Toomrur Hegemony and Mezrack and goblins under the Kingdom of Rethmorg. The allegiance of these holds is always in question. In times past, they have served both sides, and even refused to side with either when they see the outcome of no benefit to themselves. The vessels that ply Baraglindu's fresh waters range in size from goblin canoes to Grimsuvelth Trawlers destined for the salty waters of Klo'nah Lomok and beyond. The trawlers, built on the lake's shores, are constructed of Varorthin timber. Requiring a ritual sap to even cut the trees, then floated down the Neingol river and across the lake, they are time consuming and expensive to build.

The lake is flanked to the west by 1000' high cliffs, the eastern edge of the Tharum Wasteland. Using elevators and ropes, the stone giants of Tharum sometimes trade with the lake people. This Tharum-Baraglindu Trade Route tends to benefit the stone giants, with them purchasing little in return.