Ptah Teardrop

Typemagic storage crystal

When the Eenkai of the Intellectual Creed came to Gebs Rain, they did so aboard megalithic voidships powered by special crystals called Ptah Teardrops. These crystals contained the magical energy left over from when the primordial Sarseg stripped Throndar of its Web of Magic.

In the Creation War, these magic storing crystals were created in haste by Ptah as a way of capturing the ebbing magic of Throndar. Unfortunately, there was not enough crystal of its hardness to contain even a fraction of the world's disappearing Web.

When Eenkai civilization on Throndar became sufficiently advanced, they came to use these crystals of magical power in the same ways that spell casters of other worlds use the magical energy of their native Web of Magic.

One of the things that use these magic storing crystals are a type of ship engine called a Tarsilja Lattice. A century after the Eenkai came to Gebs Rain (c.f. Year 734), these power sources began to burn out. Nordern's voidships became unusable with nothing to power their void engines.

Ptah Teardrops are found only on Throndar. On this world, they are considered contraband by the majority of the Eenkai that did not leave for the stars. Ptah Teardrops contain an enormous amount of arcane energy in each crystal. Getting that energy out is a matter of will or consumption for something like a void engine designed to use magical energy as a power source.

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