NativeBal-Kriav, Chaos

The genie races were created from the base elemental types earth, air, fire, and water. Storralk created the Dao from earth elementals.

The world Bal-Kriav has an unusually high number of geniekind. This came about from several events. One was the enslavement of thousands of Dao by the Tinnanguth. They used these slaves to build their great cities and plunder the earth for riches. In the Dao Insurrection, the dao got their freedom when they brought down the empire of their masters.

In the Gludragh region are the sky citadels of the Nitthirân. In the Lith-Crillion Era, these djinn escaped the shackles of the efreeti overlord As'gom Ygathac. They came to Bal-Kriav through divine aid, settling above the scorched wastes of Gludragh. In this land and to the east they battle the efreet who seek to extend the City of Brass's influence and territorial ambitions.

Another type of geniekind that have come to inhabit Bal-Kriav are the efreet. These are soldiers and mercenary groups under pay of various houses of the City of Brass. They initially came to this world on orders of As'gom Ygathac. They were sent to recover a hundred escaped djinn - a group that is now known as the Nitthirân. After the assassination of As'gom Ygathac, several efreeti houses decided to place a stake in the lands of Bal-Kriav. They sought to exploit the lands and peoples when possible or set-up trade with those equal or more powerful than them. The Nitthirân have continued to oppose these machinations, never forgiving their kind for the suffering of their ancestors.

The Furrouth were brought to Bal-Kriav by the god Set. He used them to help advance his Khazarkar people.

Geniekind Sub-Races