Torch of Gludragh

CategoryExotic Treasure
Typepermanent light source

Torches of Gludragh are ever-burning embers found solely in the Gludragh region. They are created from invisible tendrils of magical energy that seep out of the Cube of Arcane. This energy sometimes imbues rock with a permanent magical energy.

The Torches of Gludragh have what seems to be a permanency magic on them because none have ever burned out. They are also very hardy, beyond the skill of a novice to dispel their dweomer, and when subjected to something as powerful as Mordenkainen's Disjunction those that are de-magicked release a backlash of energy. Web Weavers say that the magical energy comes from the Web of Magic. During a Belras Foroderch Experiment, a Torch of Gludragh was destroyed for research purposes. It was de-magicked with a disjunction spell resulting in a tendril of energy that nearly killed the grand wizard of Belras Foroderch and drained nearly all of the attendees of some of their spell potential.

- Gwinon Mínor, from the Belras Foroderch Experiments, "Web Lashing"

Torches of Gludragh are a pretty valuable find because of their rarity and use as an ever-burning light source. Most display them in private areas or if in public under some sort of protection - be it traps, guards or both. They range in value from 100gp for a torch-sized one to those the size of an ogre valued at up to 5,000gps. These latter ones are grand in size and sufficient to light an large palace chamber or church.