Marzaaniik Gosvah

Marzaaniik Gosvah - Krein Jusk
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasShrieking Wood
MapKrein Jusk

Marzaaniik Gosvah, Draconic for Shrieking Wood, is a rainy evergreen forest on the eastern coasts of the Aerie of Dragons. It was named for a species of bird that makes a shrieking sound, nerve rattling to even the hardiest of beasts. To the Kobold settlements of Sendaar Jusk and the holds of the Ashmerthoon Empire, these birds are a delicacy. Nothing goes to waste, the bones are turned into arrow heads that produce a sound similar to that of the nerve-racking bird calls of Shrieking Wood, the feathers are used in the colorful clothing styles of Ashmerthoon's city folk.

With rugged terrain cut by gullies, Shrieking Wood has many hiding places. Blamed on hunting party's looking for the forest's favorite bird, the area has many dangerous elements, from banditry to an overpopulation of monstrous critters with spiders the most populous. In the forest's northern tracts are mountain trolls and two-headed trolls; the latter byproducts of Ashmerthoon experiments. The forest is also the abode of dire grizzlies, huge dire wolves, and many Ettercap. Considered the forest's "boogeymen", harrowing tales are told of these spider-like people, how an ettercap can consume an entire kobold in a sitting, and others used as fodder for pet hunting spiders the size of a horse.

The forest is also known for having a wide array of resources that go into making various poisons. Two examples are the tree sap of the area's Dark Treant and the great venom collections of the area's ettercap.

Notable Areas
When Ashmerthoon decided to go to war with Viing Prolgiid, they went under this forest rather than deal with all its dangers.