Marzaaniik Gosvah Shrieker Wood

RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasesShrieker Wood
MapKrein Jusk

Marzaaniik Gosvah is an evergreen forest of Krein Jusk. It was named for a species of birds that makes a shrieking sound that is nerve rattling to even the hardiest of beasts. The kobolds of Sendaar Jusk and Ashmerthoon consider these birds a delicacy. The kobolds use certain bones of these birds in their arrow heads and other weapons. The sound released when letting fly an arrow or swinging a weapon is not as horrible as the real thing, yet bad enough to shaken many.

The kobolds do not enter the central tracts of this forest with anything less than a war band. This is because in these area roam massive spiders, bands of war trolls, two-headed trolls, dire grizzlies, huge dire wolves, and many tribes of ettercaps. The kobolds often tell harrowing tales of someone they known that fell to the ettercaps and was entirely consumed in one sitting.

Many of the humanoids of Marzaaniik Gosvah, and the more intelligent beasts, make use of the abundant poisons of the forest. This comes in the form of tree sap from dark treants, toxic plant juices, or some concoction invented by either the ettercaps or the trolls.

Notable Areas
When Ashmerthoon decided to go to war with Viing Prolgiid, they went under this forest rather than deal with all its dangers.