Lir'frod Worm Field

CategoryGeographic Area
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasWorm Field
MapKrein Jusk

This rugged area is west of the God Rim. It slopes downward towards a mysterious lake named the Angels Wound and the headwaters of the Salt Flow river. Most of this gentle slope is like a badland, dry and stripped of vegetation. It has one river, draining from the glacial wastes west to the lake's eerie waters. The rest of the streams, rainfall and other drainage usually don't make it out of the area. They are diverted, disappearing into banks of upturned earth and holes descending deep into the subterranean realm below. These holes are the mouths of tunnels, three to four feet across, plunging all the way down to the farms of Boletus. Fattened and driven by an urge to ascend, each worm carries a drug that has plagued the lands around for thousands of years. There journey nears its end at Lir'frod, the Worm Field. Once they squirm through broken earth and rock they eventually fall victim to beasts or those eager to collect them. For the beasts that dine on them, many of them have an urge greater than hunger for making a kill. They are addicted to what many like to call the Boletus Chain. Those out collecting these worms are looking to make a small fortune for worm meat carrying a drug that inert in the worm becomes active, and highly addictive once consumed by warm-blooded creatures. The desire for getting these worms is so great, with many of their populace addicted, that the Ashmerthoon Empire and the city-states Valdrek Jusk and Zomaar Yelvaad, rarely agreeing on anything, came to terms, splitting the area up into zones. In each zone, hunting parties pledge to return the worm to the markets of whichever zone they are in; and paying a percentage to Boletus's drug lords.

Notable Resources