Typesmall elementals
CreationDawn Era
Languageby sub-type

Products of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), mephits were created to serve as scouts and workers in the more delicate areas of construction, artisan work and other aspects scaled for efficiency; rather than accommodating the often large and unusual shapes of the primordials. In many primordial holds, the ventilation shafts and other worker access areas were designed for the mephits. They were small, places to live, shirk their duties, and other mischief, including rebellions.

  • Air Mephit
  • Ash Mephit
  • Dust Mephit
  • Earth Mephit
  • Fire Mephit
  • Ice Mephit
  • Lightning Mephit
  • Magma Mephit
  • Mineral Mephit
  • Mirror Mephit
  • Mist Mephit
  • Mud Mephit
  • Ooze Mephit
  • Radiant Mephit
  • Salt Mephit
  • Smoke Mephit
  • Steam Mephit
  • Water Mephit