RegionDrarthiel, Hells Womb

The Tarukkhâl road begins at the western base of a dead volcano called Garâtha. It is a branch off the Tryrreid. Coming off the road Tryrreid, the Tarukkhâl rises up miles of switchbacks until it reaches the top of Garâtha. It then descends down this dead volcano and then across the crater to the ancient ruins of Valefor. It then spirals down through the mountain's dried lava tubes. A mile under the surface, the road comes upon many Mîmêk fortifications and settlements.

In Drarthiel, the road descends to the east for fifteen miles until it reaches Hagurthand. Leaving this Underdark city, the Tarukkhâl cuts northwest. The road is particularly dangerous because of the holes and crevasses in the cavernous passage. These holes drop into a great cavern holding the Green Nebulous. Tarukkhâl travels approximately forty miles through wild caverns and passages before reaching the Underdark levels of Alreirsoar.