Blibdoolpoolp Maw

CategoryUnderdark Locales

Blibdoolpoolp Maw is a water chute that flows upward from a second tier region of the Underdark to Xalyth. It is a slow moving flow that pushes upward at about 7MPH, meaning someone could travel up it (assuming they can breath underwater) in about an hour from where it starts. It has been used by kuo-toa raiders from Juruharr for as long as anyone can remember. The raiders then move along the rivers attacking settlements and travelers. They return by any one of three water chutes that flow down from Xalyth to Juruharr. One would think that the return journey would be a plummet but it instead moves at the same slow speed as the Blibdoolpoolp Maw. Nobody has been able to closely examine these water chutes with the kuo-toans about. A general theory is that they are controlled by powerful magic placed on them by Blibdoolpoolp. She has been known to do such things (c.f. Murkin Channel) as a way to give her followers access to areas normally out of their reach.

The three water chutes that flow down from the region Menortamon to the region Halagral are collectively known as the Blibdoolpoolp Drains.