Battar-Sûn is a vast grassland of southern Gulimbor. It bounded on the north by Woad, west by Alêth and east by the Tarmagân wetlands. It extends south past Mirush to Gwaelergoth.

The Battar-Sûn plains north of Mirush get a lot of rainfall. As a result, there are numerous streams cutting through it. The area also has many ponds and small lakes. The tall grass of the plain is thick and lush with pockets of elephant grass. The herd animals in this area number in the hundreds of thousands. Before the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), this area was the main source of meat for the Tragarans, Khazarkars, and other races that once inhabited the southern tracts of Marninnoth.

The southern plains, south of the river Mirush are more arid and even more so as you approach the Rônnahar wasteland.