Lors Bounty

LocationBuccaneer Archipelago

Lors Bounty is located between the islands of Neuters Point and Swine Haven. Together these three islands make-up the southwestern part of the Ghol MarkĂșl.

Lors Bounty is the haven of Gelbradis and her minions. At the southern tip of this island is the Keel Overlook.

The island got its name from the pirate Lor and his crew. They fled to this island after being caught selling hullback to Ivory Asylum. At the time, hullback was a rare wood found only on The Rest. It was also an important trade product of League of Gyalech. Lor's group held out for a little over two years, protected by a witch named Gelbradis. They then simply disappeared with no trace of them ever to be found.

Notable Areas