Alignmentlawful evil
Born4 Saunas 1788

Benarrân Aphallanâth is from a family that has ruled the Khazarkar Empire. Her grandfather, Setarch Hâlê Aphallanâth, ruled from 1523 to 1539. He didn't become a legend until he died. This happened at the Battle of Borangrak Bridge. In this battle the Khazarkar Empire's priest-emperor faced off with the Orchish Empire's emperor. According to all accounts, both sides stopped fighting while their emperors battled it out. Though over-matched, Setarch Aphallanâth put up such a good fight, that he became remembered for something. His body was interned interred in one of Bandunazân's Pyramids of the Setarchs. Benarrân hopes to one day have one built for her.

Benarrân smiles. It would be a pretty one smile if not for her scars of fire. She could have healed the burns to her face with her own divine magic, but instead chose to keep them as a trophy of her success in killing one of the Eldritch Conclave's top arch-mages.

- from the Godspawn Saga