Breath of Arhibess

LocationNorthern Hordelands, Lands of Purity
Typeperpetual spirit wind

The Breath of Arhibess is a cold wind that blows down from the Sournbracks, down the length of Cactii and into Adellum. The wind was named after the Theegan witch Arhibess. This druidic witch was so powerful that when she died at the Battle of Cactii, her last spell dealing with controlling weather became infused with her life force. As a result, this perpetual wind continuously blows down the highlands of Skycius and into the lowlands to the south.

The wind is strongest in the winter months. During Witchrite, the same month Arhibess was killed, there are wracked spirits drifting among the upper currents. It is believed that these are the victims that perished under the witchcraft of Arhibess.