Formed4 Temporal 9 HE

Nenthjorg was the name of Aslauthroa's government. It was a monarchy headed by a storm giant king and queen. There were periods in its history when it was led solely by one figure, but most of the time the great size of the empire required two heads of state and a large government apparatus. Typically, the king and queen shared almost equal power. This was by law and served as a means of keeping Aslauthroa's government from slipping into the grasp of a tyrant and becoming a dictatorship.

In the Horgon Era, Aslauthroa grew to be a great empire. It controlled a vast area of land across Cinazan and into Faeglor. The storm giants ruled this empire from air motes dotted with towers and castles. As a result of its size, the empire's government grew quite large. At its peak, Aslauthroa had five principalities. Each of these territories was ruled by a Storm Duke. These dukes were served by Storm Lords. The lesser holdings on the fringes of the empire were usually under control of a cloud giant military governor. The cloud giants proved to be the best military minds of the kingdom and thus usually served in some sort of military capacity. They were trained in military academies from a young age and few except the highest ranking ones ever set foot in the capital.

You have to give them credit, the storm giants of that time were master schemers. By sending all cloud giants into the military, they kept us from ever having a chance to rule. The people would not stand for a militocracy and the laws strictly forbade it.

- Ralmgar, cloud giant captain, excerpt from a personal diary

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