RegionGreat Expanse
OwnerCentral Stability
Founded3 Bloom 8800 GE

In the God Era, the Rilmani came to Bal-Kriav to combat the demon threat of what became known as the Demon Spawn War.

Rilmani are especially adept at picking up unbalancing forces of energy. In the war against the demons, they felt that the very presence of so many demons on a world would undoubtedly taint it with abyssal energy. If tainted with enough, it would forever be a problem of the Quara'tun requiring special attention.

- Trag, halfling scholar, from his book Peoples of the Great Expanse - "Rilmani Sense of Balance"

In the Demon Spawn War, the Rilmani mostly battled the demons, though a few times they felt that some other force was getting too much of an upper hand so they acted against it. In one engagement they defeated some chaotic good angels and their allies. As spoils of battle, they took hold of a floating earth mote that had been serving as a mobile fortress. They renamed their prize Harmony. It became the headquarters of rilmani operations across MidrĂȘth. As time went on, they expanded the place turning their sky island into a giant floating ziggurat. This structure has 20 steps with each serving as living, entertainment and business area for a town-sized population. By the Horgon Era, Harmony was overcrowded, so the town's earth mote was moored to the Agamon hills. It expanded outward into these hills and beneath them. Today, the earth mote which the old town sits on is called Upper Harmony, the bulk of it in the hills is called Middle Harmony and that spreading into the Underdark is Lower Harmony. All together, it has a population of nearly 1,000,000.

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Central Stability