Boronwaen, before it was carved
RegionHigh Wood Country
Ownerindependent city-state
Kriavian Elf50%
Founded29 Lunar 330 HE

Alatáriël is High Wood's oldest elven city. It a stunningly beautifully place built in and around a spire of pure emerald green crystal. This towering crystal spire is named Boronwaen in tribute to the Gwildath scout who mapped out the area. He was followed a year later by a thousand Gwildath colonizers.

The Boronwaen spire rises a thousand feet above the city and far beneath the waters. Over thousands of years, Kriavian Elves have worked passages and chambers into the structure. This has always been done in careful deliberations with any work requiring significant planning and delays over only ten feet one rumored to take a year to plan. The elves did this because once the crystal was removed, putting it back was likely to create a patchwork area that would detract from the perfection and beauty of the place. The work of making hallways, chambers, and areas within the crystal required the use of magic and the skill of master stonemasons and engineers. Much of this work was done by conjured Dao. The city proper, called Alatáriël, grew around the Boronwaen spire and into undulating hills and forest around it. Many of these dwellings are decorated with the emerald crystals removed from the spire.

Alatáriël is sited on a large island of the Nelshreen Lake. Warded against teleportation magic, the city can only be reached by flying or boat. When it was the capital of Nintholfin, it had a population nearing 60,000. After the Nelshreen Insurrection, its population much reduced, the residents looked forward to a population boom. This never happened, and counter to what the masses were told, it wasn't the leaders controlling the masses through magic, it was the presence of their emerald spire.

Many of the buildings of this enchanting city are decorated with multi-colored crystals, precious stones, and varying colored stones. At night, the place comes alive with lightning insects and flying fey creatures shimmering and glowing an array of colors. Many have said that Alatáriël is the most beautiful city on Brucrumus.

Notable Areas
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