Zythess War

Period3 Bloom 8981 GE - ??
Abyssal Hegemony VS Quara'tun Covenant

In this mini-war of the Demon Spawn War, the Covenant leader Callarduran battled the demon armies under Jurusalax.

This war began when a rift was opened inside the tree Núlananya by accident. This happened when demons on the world Kriav were attempting to use old primordial relics for nullifying magic. Like most of the things left behind by the primordials, these devices were booby trapped. When one of these devices was used it exploded - disintegrating all those around it and leaving null magic field. This area of dead magic ripped a hole in Kriav's Web of Magic and caused the collapse of the warp matter inside the treant Núlananya. It is thought that because Núlananya was contaminated (from growing in a primordial grave) and had a weakened Web, it served as the best vector or focal for the rift's opening. Minions of the demon lord Jurusalax, mostly of the bestial type like rune hounds and bar-lgura, swept across the rift and began another demon push into the world Bal-Kriav - one already beset by demon lords on many different battle fronts.

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