Nathol is a valley split and crossed with deep crags and jagged spires. The crevasses and canyons are the abodes of tens of thousands of urds. These "winged kobolds" are a constant menace to the dwarves and other inhabitants of the surrounding lands. The area's urd population are descendants of those first created in the Ingu'lumin Labs. Like they have done since the Creation War, when most served under Ingu'lumin, they continue to fight the dwarves or any others that get near the valley, including the Underdark beneath. This "near" to them can be anything from a mile to a hundred miles away. In the First Epoch, they were a constant threat on Phlehorn's eastern border. Today, they are threat on Fargimdal's western border with the city Harworb employing defenses like those once used at Khunwrak to stop or break-up air attacks.

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  • Ingu'lumin Labs