The Turaks are jagged highlands of southeastern Grashakh. Toomrur and hobgoblins battled over this land for centuries. The reason for this conflict was the Toomrur belief that the hobgoblin sought to plunder the sacred barrows of Mauhúlfúr.

One of the more dangerous groups of these mountains is the Ghorzul tribe. After the loss of Khatúlg in the Lich Front, they have resisted the new masters. They have a firm control over the highlands. The Ghorzul are also known for breeding and training manticore and wyvern. Unreliable beasts even when trained, Turak is home to many that have broken free.

Turak is a rich source of iron and silver. The central valley is dotted with hardwoods that grow int a deep tangled forest the further one travels west.

Notable Areas
Notable Resources
  • Iron
  • Silver