The Turaks are jagged highlands of southeastern Grashakh. Toomrur and hobgoblins battled over this land for centuries. The reason for this conflict was the Toomrur belief that the hobgoblin sought to plunder the sacred barrows of Mauhúlfúr. The most powerful force of Turak is the Ghorzul tribe. These ogres continue to hold the highlands, even after the loss of Khatúlg in the Lich Front. The Ghorzul ogres also raise and train manticores and wyverns. These unreliable beasts often break free from their masters. As a result, there are many of these winged predators lurking in Turak.

Turak is rich in iron and hard-woods. Many groups fight over these resources, bandits, ogres, hobgoblins, to name a few. These resources are usually taken to Matak or Ragongrak.

Notable Areas