RegionIce Cap

Svarmaer is a ruined bridge near the northern tip of the river Eldorien. This marvel of giant engineering was built by the stone giants of Gadstill Dynasty. It was built to connect their western holdings at Bor with their eastern holdings centered on Aemar. It was to be the safer route of passage, avoiding the terrors of the nearby bay Barad Ruld.

When it was built, the Svarmaer bridge spanned the width of the Eldorien, nearly a mile across at the time. When Gadstill Dynasty fell, the bridge succumbed to time and the elements. The spans fell as the support structures were worn down by the Eldorien seasonally strong torrents, and earthquakes destroyed other parts of it. Today, only twelve towering support structures still stand. The rest of the structure lies scattered about the river bottom or along the banks. Some of the support structures have roc nests atop them. These are used seasonally by these flying behemoths.