Founded17 Saunas 1484

Ratgorthor was built to serve as a pirate base for resupply, stashing loot, revelry, shipbuilding, and a place of refuge for brigands. The builders were wererats and other lycanthropes out of Free Tooth and other areas of western Weretopia.

In 1595, Ivory Asylum sent a punitive expedition against the place. The reason for this military action was to curb piracy and to find out what was causing the rapid population growth of Rattenkreig. In the ruins of Ratgorthor, the elderaunts also learned of conflicts between the wererats and the talaxans of Phara-Bal.

When Ivory Asylum plundered the city they found numerous warrens and several teleportation relics. Wererat captives claimed they looted these from Crillius-Sarrus. If this is so, these devices were made by the Lith-Crillion. Iyušai, a military intelligence branch of Ivory Aslum, learned that the teleportation devices were being used to move creatures and weapons between Ratgorthor and Rattenkreig. The teleportation devices were subsequently pulled from the sewers and taken back to Ivory Asylum as war booty.

Ratgorthor was left in ruins. Due to the naval threat of Ivory Asylum, the place was never re-built. Ratgorthor's pirates moved their bases inland, along the river Ilarorn.