RegionIce Cap

Ongar is a fjord in the eastern tracts of Ice Cap. It drains north into the Nautrek sea. Although it is the longest fjord of the realm, most of its length is hidden under hundreds of feet of ice and snow. The only reason it has not frozen all the way through is because of the heated waters at Thosgeir, the fjord's southernmost tip. The undersea channels that link Ongar with Thosgeir are used only by those capable of impossibly long swims and great lungs.

Where Ongar meets the cliffs of Ice Cap is a harbor built into the ice. This harbor is part of the pirate haven Ottanghild. The town is home to many races, yet its frost giant residents are the most unusual. Unlike there mountain dwelling cousins, Ottanghild's frost giants love the icy seas and the booty garnered from pirating and raiding. The people of Ottanghild are also known for a rich trade in precious furs, whale oil, and a fair amount of gemstones.

Notable Areas