Gonak - Lirgaza


Gonak is a dense temperate forest south of Khirrêth and east of Tanulbazar. With dozens of lumber camps, the forest is harvested for its black ash, oak, and basswood. Paid druids, skilled in the use of nature energy, do their part in replenishing the stock and managing the forest for maximum profit. These druids, adherents to the ideals of Melrith, believe that harmony with animals and insects is of secondary importance.

The biggest buyers for Gonak's timber are the great shipyards of Bandunazân; the Khazarkar Empire's greatest port city.

The forest is also known for its Gonak Silkworms. A hundred times larger than the common silkworm, they are found only in Cinazan's eastern forests. Producing a lot of silk, they are not without danger. They produce a debilitating venom that has ended the lives of many solo harvesters. Gonak Silk is a major export of the Khazarkar Empire.

Notable Areas
Notable Resources
  • Gonak Silk
  • Wood - black ash, oak, basswood