Halfraki Stone Vale Columns

AliasStone Vale Columns

Halfraki, or to some the Stone Vale Columns, are colossal towers built by the stone giants. These towers are sited among the Gulvar Reif mountains. These structures reach such heights, that only the hands of giants could have built them. Some of these structures are crumbled wrecks of their former glory, brought low through neglect, age, war, or nature.

The stone giants of Gulvar Reif are an interesting community. The many stone giant families in the area compete to build larger and more grandeur homes over their neighbors. These building, eventually turn into towers, rising higher and expanding their perimeter annually as each giant family seeks to outdo the other. Dwarven engineers and humanoid craftsmen from outside Gulvar Reif are employed to help in the construction of some of these structures. Often, these structures with the most outside help are the more long-lasting and majestic to view. In some cases, the stone giants sabotage the work of other families. This results in feuding, alliances, and wars among the stone giants. The construction activity has led to the founding of several towns in Gulvar Reif. Those Stone Vale Columns that collapse leave a jumble of rocks spreading great distances. Sometimes the collapse does not destroy the entire tower. These ruined towers become home for monsters, bandits, and animals.