In the Year 25, the Phaels were retreating from the demon invasion of Turgon. Those that were too weak or suffering mortal wounds were taken to a monastery called Gilthoniel. The elven cavaliers and maidens of Gilthoniel swore to protect them for as long as they could and then take the lives of themselves and the wounded when the place became overrun. Demogorgon's hordes suffered terrible losses in the grounds and corridors of the ancient monastery. The vast numbers of demons that attacked the place would have only one outcome - death and suicide of all the defenders. Such gallantry and sacrifice was displayed in the defense of the monastery that Corellon asked the defenders if they would return as non-evil ghosts and continue the fight against the demon hordes. They all agreed. This ghostly garrison still guards the monastery and makes forays into the surrounding lands - destroying any demons they come across. If there is any safe refuge in Turgon, it is this monastery. Its guardians said to ignore any non-evil creatures that comes within its hallow halls.