Enkii Jusk Ember Talon

CategoryGeographic Area
RegionAerie of Dragons
AliasEmber Talon
MapEnkii Jusk

Enkii Jusk is the southernmost land mass of the Aerie of Dragons. The highlands of this peninsula are a maze of mountains that are unnatural, with ranges and canyons running at angles to each other.

Enkii Jusk is a product of Chaos. Parts of it do not follow expected geographic patterns - normally, mountain ranges do not form at right angles to another range.

- Ilfirarg "The Crow", Kriistvrii explorer, "Noksenor do Enkii Jusk"

The most dominant feature of this area is Kii Nev, a volcanic wasteland home to the Thashangriel. Enkii Jusk's southern tracts are dotted with the ruins of the Mir'piamauza.