Military - Griddrir


Griddrir Navy

The Griddrir Navy is comprised of skyships. These ships are built for giant-kind. They are big vessels, yet even so, for the giant’s these ships fall into the light classification. They are of lithe design, fast and maneuverable, ships of the skies rather than those of the seas. They are powered by gem-crusher engines and outfitted with an array of weapons favored by those who like to take ships rather than see them reducing them to kindling by cannon fire. Instead of cannons, their ships mount giant harpoon guns on their bow and stern decks.

Fleet Roster
Ship NameNaval BaseCommandersOther
HidrglundGriddrir captured in the Battle for the Sphere
HurnfidArgheidCaptain Fridithree miles from the Talos temple Ottaki
NautrekGriddrir destroyed in the Battle for the Sphere
SladdvirVine Road, Station 2
Admiral Otroki
Commander Bora-Fjol
Notable Units