Orophin Meneldur

Wood Elf70%
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Purposecombat the forces of the Orchish Empire
Established9 Temporal 1440

The Falin-Tandra has long had conflicts with the Orchish Empire. As a result, elite commandos, assassins, and those with a bitter hatred for the Orchish Empire formed this organization in 1440. They came up with the name Orophin Meneldur ("Butterfly Cult" in Tragaran) for the first creature seen over the smoldering camp fire.

At the first rays of Merioss, a Rainbow Butterfly flew through the smoldering campfire. As with past tradition, the first living creature seen on the rising star would be the name of our group.

- Geenshem, "Naming Tradition"

The Orophin Meneldur indulges in some deeds that normal members of the Falin-Tandra would look down upon. They therefore keep out of the political affairs of the Falin-Tandra government. The Orophin Meneldur have druids and mages that specialize in manipulating swarms of insects. This ability was boosted in the 1574. Thirteen years prior, a crack unit of elves made their way through the dangers of Grashakh and the Tribe Steppes. In 1562, Orophin Meneldur units entered the High Wood Country. There they greeted by Angrod scouts. The group spent several years in the lands of their ancient kin. They established a network of spies. These spies learned of the Cheldremn and offered their services to this cult in exchange for some of the Pyramid of Nature's secrets. Cheldremn tested possible outcomes of doing this, concluding after a decade that it was safe to pass on some minor knowledge to kindred elves. The Orophin Meneldur returned to the lands of the Falin-Tandra with knowledge of controlling powerful swarms of insects.

The Orchish Empire sometimes sends forces against the Falin-Tandra. On a number of occasions, the troops have faced dozens of these swarms, and suffered terribly in the engagements.