Kudnetho - Lirgaza
RegionHells Womb

Kudnetho are hills along the southern edge of lake Nadrunal. They were named for the first usurper that sought to overthrow the Council of Bile. Princess Kudnetho was a battle priest of Krak-Oth and oldest daughter of the reigning King Sôvap Bile. She unsuccessfully challenged her father to honorable combat and died. As a follower of Krak-Oth, at the time a god looked upon unfavorably by people of Council of Bile, led to her being interned in a crypt far from Drakhôr. Since that time, the place has become the resting place of dishonored knights, usurpers, and those of treasonous disposition.

The hills of Kudnetho have become a cursed land over time, becoming permanently unhallowed and grounds for necromantic practices and wandering undead. The crypts of the area, numbering in the hundreds, have become beacons for treasure hunters and aspiring necromancers. Most of those that go there are never heard from again. Burial parties that come here have to wear special amulets blessed by high priests of Krak-Oth. Without these amulets, they leave themselves open to attack by the undead and other horrors that plague the hills. The most powerful undead that have been encounters are Daughters of Krak-Oth. All of the crypts in the area are well-built, magically protected, and often lairs of undead and magical beasts. They are maintained by undead wardens, whom are protected by grave dirt golems and necromentals.

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Notable Areas
  • Crypt of Kudnetho
  • Crypt of Multhad (c.f. Sarquiness)