Theegan Cavalryman

mounted skirmisher
CategoryClass Tactics
Typeclass tactic

Theegan Cavalryman is a class tactic which involves taking a line of feats and skills that focus on mounted combat. Many armed forces train their elite mobile units in this tactic. The developers of this tactic were the Theegans.

Mountedbenefitpartial attack on move (1 attack), +1 melee attacks for higher ground, deliver double damage on charge with a lance, -4 penalty for making missile attacks
Mounted Combatfeatonce per round, use your Ride check to negate the attack against your mount - the Ride check becomes the AC for that attack, if it resists the mount takes no damage from the attack
Tramplefeatknocking down with Overrun allows mount to make one hoof attack at +4 (opponent prone)
Ride-By-Attackfeaton a mounted charge, move and attack on the charge and then move again - this affords the defender only one attack back (attack of opportunity) but only if they have reach. A man-sized rider with a lance or similar reach weapon attacking a similarly sized opponent with a non-reach weapon could make a Ride-By-Attack without being attacked back. If the opponent tries to move into the path or get close to attack the rider or mount then they now are subject to being Overrun and Trampled. If the attacker goes for the mount then they will have to roll two times, once to beat the Mounted Combat feat, and the second to-hit the mount's armor class.
Spirited Chargefeaton a mounted charge, score double damage with melee weapon and triple damage with a lance
Theegan Cavalrymansynergyhaving a 15 ride skill and all the feats above affords the following benefits - Trample gets an additional attack, the rider in Ride-By-Attack gets one additional attack