Arconulous Band

Categoryship attachment
Typeweapon system

The Arconulous Band is a watermill like weapon system mounted on the Pillar of Horns. This ship has two of them. Each of what would normally be a water deck for a watermill is gun platform on the Arconulous Band. Each gun is mounted on a disc which functions as a turntable. This rotation gives them a wide field of fire. They are also further out from the ship, which unlike the port and starboard guns, allows the Band's platform guns to be turned to forward or stern. The gun platforms have a low parapet to protect the crews from air attacks and to keep them from falling overboard. In non-combat situations, they are covered by netting to add a bit more safety from high winds or abrupt ship movements.

On the Pillar of Horns, each of its Arconulous Band mounts thirty cannons. These devices are always moving, powered by a team of undead elephants in the ship's hold. These undying beasts are chained to them, always moving along treadmill which turn the bands.

A gimrune engineer named Arconulous invented this weapon system. When proposing his idea to Ba'lith's War Board, he said that an Arconulous Band allow gun platforms, like the wheel of a watermill, to be rotated constantly, with one firing, and another soon to be in its place, ready to fire. The contraption also allows weapons to brought to bear on enemy vessels attacking from angles where normal cannons may not be able to traverse to target. Normally, these sharp angles are like blind-spots - the weak points of flying ships. An Arconulous Band helps to this weakness.