The Terrace

LocationPillar of Horns
Built20 Temporal 1827

The Terrace is the forward observation deck of the Pillar of Horns. It hangs over the ship's nose, and even has murder holes in the floor like you would find on the battlements of a castle. These are merely aesthetic, for it is a ship and not a castle wall that might suffer a siege.

Along with other spotters, the captain is on the bow's watch deck. They're on a terrace overlooking the front of the ship, which looks like the bottom of a cylinder. This flat area is brimming with gun ports, twenty of them. Behind each opening is a medium cannon called an Asmodean Lance. This model type is named after Ba'lith's primary god, Asmodeus. Rax is thirty feet above the main deck, in a viewing area lined with an array of spyglasses. He peers out of one, hoping to catch glimpse of the enemy vessel.

- from the Godspawn Saga

In addition to observation equipment, the terrace has an ebony wood table that holding maps under glass, an under-shelf holding chalk, parchment, and hand-held navigation equipment for direction, checking wind speed, and elevation.

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