Tears Of Kesserine

Tears of Kesserine
RegionAerie of Dragons
MapEnkii Jusk

The river Iizbord Vasik breaks up into many small rivulets as it nears the southern coasts of the peninsula. These rivulets plunge over a cliff and into the crashing waves of Morwuld Briin. There are 23 waterfalls in the area, collectively called the Tears of Kesserine. They are the highest waterfalls on Brucrumus; plunging 2,200' and creating a deafening roar that can be heard 30 miles away.

Tears of Kesserine gets its name from the legend of the death of Kesserine at the hands of her husband (c.f. Clouds of the Dead God). One legend says that upon her death the river Amrochon changed its course and began flowing over the cliffs into the sea beyond.