Cross of Doom

ForgeForges of Kuzrûnn'n
SmithGurlon Malkun

The Cross of Doom is a +4 great axe. The weapon is 8' long and is a two-handed broad axe. The axe-head is made of mithril and shaped like a cross. The crosspiece is tapered inward meeting at the haft and at the tip. These weapons were forged at Kuzrûnn'n. One of these weapons was wielded by the Jara Khan Steel Monger. His weapon was vaporized by a Voice of Gith at the Battle of Aicarya Glade. There are said to be five remaining Crosses of Doom.

Doom upon hit, affected by the doom spell (Will DC22) continuous
Ghost Touch ages as a ghost touch 3 times/day
Immortal owner does not age as long the weapon is within 100'continuous