Death Giant

In the southern tracts of the Imsogrek mountains is the Glascis glacier. This icy wasteland is flanking by 17,000 foot high mountains.

Glascis is the abode of death giants, undead, malevolent spirits and other fell creatures. They are the remnants of Tinnanguth's genocidal campaigns against the area's people. These campaigns were a continuation of Tinnanguth regional strategy that began in the Holentur War. As in the aforementioned war, Tinnanguth wanted the area's resources, in particular its gold. At the time, there were only two places near Tinnanguth that had gold deposits, one was the area around Agibandal and the other was Glascis. The decision to seize Glascis territory proved to be a costly one, dragging on for decades. The giants and other humanoids of the area proved much tougher than the Ethenorans. The wars turned dirty, with vengeance taken out on entire villages, wiping them out completely. The Haunting of Glascis, a name given for the evil that now dwells there, is said to be the result of Tinnanguth's murderous campaigns of genocide on the area's former peoples.

The area's tough resistance was led by Eldritch Giants. Heavy into shadow magic and necromancy, they created armies from those slain on the battlefield. When the area became haunted with undead and other terrors, foes that proved more dangerous than the Sussgurd armies, the living giants and their entourages migrated to Felbin. Today, they claim with a bit of pride, "our ancestors roam Glascis as death giants".

Notable Resources
  • Gold