Typeenergy grenade launcher
Cost2,800 GP

SM4Z is an acronym for shoulder, mounted, four-tube launcher, and Z for the tube size. This potent weapon is very heavy and bulky. It weighs 400lbs. The device has an arjale apparatus holding four 3' ceratimus tubes.

The SM4Z Pos-Grenade Launcher must be mounted on the shoulder of a very large and broad creature. Any creature less than 20 strength attempting to fire one round from the weapon will be thrown 1-10 feet and suffer a like amount of damage, cumulative for multiple rounds. The wielder must also have a two-foot or wider shoulder area, else incurring a -4 to their chances to hit.

The weapon has a track allowing it to be pushed into a harness on the back of the creature. The githyanki call this the "prortopino" position. Since the githyanki do not have a word for "rest", linguists believe this means "preparation" in their tongue. The other position is the "ackleek" or attack position.

The SM4Z can fire four energy grenades per round. The weapon becomes less accurate based on the quantity of missiles fired. The grenade table should be used when this weapon is fired. The weapon has normal chances "to-hit" for direct fire, while indirect fire suffers -6 to hit. Each grenade requires a separate "to-hit". The weapon requires one Obelisk Charge for grenade fired.

To-Hit Modifiers
one grenade-1
two grenades-2
three grenades-3
four grenades-5